Tuesday, 30 August 2011

On the way!

It took me some time to really put my heart and soul into it, but finally it's coming out! I have finished three scenes for the film this afternoon. Since there are only four characters in the film, the father, the mother, their son Pierre and his friend Luc. Each of them will receive a different musical treatment.
The first completed music is for the opening titles and the first scene, I had plenty of music that I had written earlier this year which hasn't been used. I reworked on one of them for FangYi but she rejected it. Eventually, it seems that even if I thought I was working for her, I was actually working for the film. 
The second music  is for a scene involving the father. It's a very simple theme which is played by the piano, backed by tablas and a cello playing on pizz. That same theme will be recorded a second time, the main part this time which will be played by Emily.
The third one is for a race scene where we see Luc running in the city, as if in an attempt to escape their city. He's joined by Pierre and both of them end up breathless and yelling on top of thei lungs on a bridge. The music starts with light electronic bleeps as percussions come in, played on drums and strings in a big climax. The will music will segue into something more peaceful and happy, in a scene where the two boys play make-believe and pretend that local spots in Taipei are actually famous places in Paris.
More music is ready to get out of my fingers... I hope to have everything in the can - more or less, before I leave. And that's likely to be doable.

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