Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Chạy, chay, cháy, chảy, chày, chãy

Or how one single sign or accent can change everything...

A friend of mine from Malaysia was listening to the soundtrack of Ròm and got curious about Wowy's song. He googled the meaning of the title.

"Is it about being vegeterian?"

I burst out laughing.

It's "Chạy" not "Chay"! 

Monday, 28 September 2020


My dreams are getting very interesting... or weirder and weirder.

Two days ago, there was Woody Allen who was playing clarinet with a new band at the gym where I was training - well, we know how the two are connected. For some reason, he left and made sure to turn off all the lights, leaving everybody in pitch-black darkness. We cursed Woody as we were preparing for our next raid against a gang of yakuza, and couldn't even find our way out... 

The night before that, I was composing a piece that Herbert von Karajan was supposed to conduct, with soprano Anneliese Rothenberger singing the main part. I had even written the text (in German) and as she was sight-reading it, she couldn't help laughing and correcting my grammar mistakes, under the unconcerned eyes of maestro Karajan. Then I thought to myself: "How could I POSSIBLY be working with Anneliese Rothenberger when she has has already... PASSED AWAY? It must be another one of those dreams", I said to myself. "But... it's happening so maybe I'm not dreaming after all... but... she IS dead isn't she? And is Karajan!!!!"

Yesterday, I was controlling all the lights of a massive fifty-storey building... from a corn cob! "It's so cool!!!" I exclaimed. "Just like Christmas decoration!". And I kept on pressing on the corn knobs of the corn cob...

And a week ago, I was chatting with my friend Isabelle, when suddenly I found myself naked on my bed, trying to put on my underwear and conceal an embarrassingly huge hard-on, while Isabelle kept talking gayly, totally unaware of my little struggle...

Friday, 18 September 2020

At the Eslite bookstore... From one end of the music section, Aretha Franklin getting vocally orgasmic parising the Lord in Amazing Grace, and from the other end, well... Nana Mouskouri (painfully) attempting that infamous Carmen aria...
Life is full of contrasts.