Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Brief encounter

I was standing on the platform of the MRT, on my way to the TNUA in Guandu to see a dance show. A boy and his mother approached and lined up behind me. The boy, who was perhaps eight years old looked up at me and gave me a warm smile, just like an old friend would. Once in the train, as people were rushing in, I indicated two seats where he and his mother could sit. The journey to Guandu was a long one, and the boy kept looking up at me. No words were exchanged, but I enjoyed the silent connection with him. The person who was sitting behind them left, so I took the seat. The boy realised I had disappeared, turned to see where I had gone and smiled when he found out I was just behind him. How I wish I could have taken a picture at that moment. It was the most wonderful smile. The old lady next to me saw our interaction and very kindly offered to yield her seat, so I could be sitting with my son. At this, the boy smiled and answered that I wasn't her father. Confused, the lady gazed from him to me and decided that it might be better to mind her own business.
How I wished...
I fell asleep. The boy too. I nearly missed stop and dashed to the exit. The boy opened an eye right at that moment and managed to wave goodbye from his state of slumber, give me one last smile, then fell asleep again almost immediately.