Wednesday, 22 December 2004

And the song goes on

I haven’t heard from Bibbe for the past two weeks. I know she’s back in LA for a few concerts. She said eventually didn’t appear in that zombie movie she was telling me about.

Rémi has played the mixes he did on Love and Long, and Hôm Qua. Just brilliant. I’m happy to see how the songs slowly find their place one by one in the big picture. The long process is such a learning experience for me. Of course I do lose patience, but I’m really glad it’s taking so much time. I’m discovering more and more every day.

Karen has shown me the lyrics she intended for me, currently titled Song for X. If I wasn’t so sure about the draft she previously wrote, the new way she approached the theme suits me better. Certainly more writing sessions will be required, I think we have a good song in our hands! Great, touching, moving and compelling. I don’t know how aware Karen is of her talent as a lyricist.
I’ve brought along the sheet of paper on which she’s scribbled the draft and will start sketching it musically. I already 'hear' the song in my head. Simple arrangement with merely a guitar and a piano backed by some rough beats in 7/8.
That could be a nice last minute addition to Circlesongs.

My father’s website is officially launched. I sent hundreds of e-mails to spread the word. Only the scrapbook section remains to be done, if ever we maneg to finish it. 

Saturday, 18 December 2004


What always brings me so much joy in any collaboration is when the connection between my partner and me is so fluid that none of us has to say anything because we do not put our ego in the work. That is the case with Maria Cristina. She really trusts me, so I feel free to give the best of me and remain who I am creatively without any compromise.
That is rare.
The Dance of the Seven Veils stunned everyone. The music was a bit loud though… But that section with the heavy drums never fails to startle me!
I felt something opening up in Maria Cristina. Before today, she had no idea what I would be able to do. Of course she had heard the music I composed for W.h.a., but that wasn't a garantee that I would be suitable for Salomé
"When I heard the beginning, I liked the atmosphere and the ritual vibe that came out of it. Then as the music developed, I had this wish to hear some change, something more dramatic... and then it happened right at the moment in the music!!!" she told me with a big smile after the rehearsal.
Now I feel trusted, a feeling which is unbelievably freeing.


At Julia's...
Even though I was shaking like a dead leaf blown away by the wind, I managed to sing my Handel aria with gusto, threw myself in Schubert’s Erlkönig and ended with a song by Tchaikovsky which earned me praises from Julia. Of course, there's nothing to shout about, I'm not the new Thomas Hampson, but as she’s been the first one to teach me to love my voice, it is gratifying for both teacher and student when I make a big move forward vocally.