Friday 19 August 2011

J'aime ça

He was standing in front of the bed, with a little flash light in his hand. It was a three in the morning. Andy had just come home from an evening out, probably with friends.
I gasped. I was in the middle of my sleep so the effect was quite violent. Andy laughed, trying to imitate the devilish laugh of a wicked witch. Month of the ghosts again... Or the merits of the drinks.
Quite strangely, he didn't chose to sleep in the guestroom but again with me. Maybe the comfort of familiarity...

I accompanied ChingYao to get his test result at the hospital. The big hug I gave him certainly expressed how happy and relieved I was. After Pinga passed away, I treasure my health. 
We then ran to the National Theatre where FangYi wanted to show me some more dance she has done for Oneness. Three dancers were missing, the music sounded half-dressed, but the set design at least, was ready. I'm starting to see how it will look like. So far, nothing transcendental though... It's a bit of a mish-mash between Martha Graham, modern dance and hip-hop... FangYi will undoubtedly bring out a her flair in her solo which opens the piece. The other dancers are very young and not that exciting to watch. That said, it's only a rehearsal, months away from the premiere. I think however that I will add a bit more drama in the music and maybe everything will come alive. 
We will meet again next week to finalise what she needs for the whole piece. 
But I loved the chairs that were done for the set design. 
ChingYao laughed when I made the remark. 
"You're obsessed with chairs!!!" he said.

The casting was for a phone company. I had to 'be' a business man. I put on the suit and realised that it was now too big for me. Did I shrink during my time in Taipei? I had it done three years ago for my brother's wedding... 
Now I looked like a young kid who tries one his father's clothes...
A couple a pictures were taken and I was free to leave.

The day didn't stop there since I had to book my tickets for Hong Kong and Paris. The travel agent did the best he could to find me a good deal.
Departure date to Paris: 09/11. Rings a bell?

The gym is my haven. I can meditate and find peace of mind as I tune up and (tone up) with my body. I can meet other bodies and find some solace with them.
I was about to take a shower before the work out. And I saw a smiling young man who signaled me to follow him. It was a quick and friendly affair. I don't even know his name. He wasn't one of those narcissists one finds so often at the gym. He was nice, direct and affectionate. J'aime ça.


I'm happy to have booked my ticket to Paris. In a little more than two weeks, I shall be walking the Parisian streets again. But first comes Hong Kong in two days!

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