Saturday 14 April 2007

Sound installation in the theatre

It was so windy today! I nearly flew up in the sky. Well actually, I fell twice from my bike as the wind was blowing strongly on the side.
Almost comical.

I set the sound installation this afternoon. The music can be heard even in the toilets! Three spaces: the main theatre foyer, the stairways (the architect has designed a whole maze of stairways and paths that wrap the theatre like a nest - that said, the theatre is shaped like an egg…) the path that leads to the left wing entrance and the main room itself.  I really do feel I want to have a projection on one of the wall. But time is running out and we won’t have the opportunity to do it.

The second step will be to set the speakers so that they’re not too visible. I would love to ask Tsuyoshi, but he’s busy watching the lighting design process. Once again, Jo isn’t really satisfied with the light designer’s propositions. No dramatic sense, lights that changes colour and shape without reason… But we have more time to set all the details, although I have the inkling that Jo will end up doing the lights himself... Still week or so to go. Goodness gracious me! It’s so near!!!!

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