Sunday, 8 April 2007

Feel so good today

My first real day off in Niigata. I woke up late, had breakfast at Starbucks (yes, I could have done better for that one), then bought a sleek and elegant fancy beige jacket. At HMV I heard a very catchy song, So good today, by Manchester based singer Ben Westbeech, the kind of tune that brings sunshine in the morning, whence the title. I don’t know why I didn’t write down the correct name and later made the research under James Westbeech…
The Korean trainee was there at HMV browsing for new music. So I got him to buy the new Macy Gray album…
Then we went to Foodelic for lunch. The waitress there can speak French, and I had brought my self taught Japanese method with me. Lunch became a pleasureable four hour long lesson. And I could see how much I had progressed in Japanese!!! Not enough to perform in a Kabuki play, but at least, I start to really feel the language.
Then I suggested we biked to the river to watch the sakura. The sun was going down and the sky started to have the same colour as those beautiful and delicate flowers.
Just one of those magical moments.

Tomorrow, I shall make my way to the beach.

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