Friday, 6 April 2007


After the run through last Sunday, I felt slightly dissatisfied with the third movement. Jo had asked me to extend the beginning and I tried to comply and come up with something. Now it feels like an addition, not a natural flow of the music. As I told him, it’s more difficult to make an small addition look natural than write a whole new movement. I might be the only one to feel that. The music has been composed so quickly, I now feel some parts need to be honed - or re-recorded. But how could I do that when I’m here and Isabelle and Christophe are in Paris…
So I wrote a cello line that will give this beginning the fluidity I hope it can reach.

Miki-san has been asking about a recording company, but it’s too late now. Unless a miracle happens, I don’t see how we could have a cd ready for the show in two weeks…
I thought of having it available for download online, but Beppe has been postponing the task, so I guess there will be nothing this time.
Quel dommage.

The sakura trees are about to bloom in a couple of days. The city has installed a lantern promenade along the river to give a more in intimate effect when people walk under the sakura at night; It’s going to be beautiful. That’s one of the main topics at the moment! We’re going to have a nice sakura party. Picnic under the trees on the river. Just need a nice, warmer weather…

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