Thursday, 12 April 2007

In full bloom

D-day -8!!!!

I had to do some changes in this new cello section. Even if he liked the music, it appeared that the cello was much too talkative and thus, would compel Jo to alter in the choreography. I felt the same way too, even if I really loved what the cello was bringing.
So I toned it down, and removed nearly half of what Christophe had played for me.
They still haven’t tried with the new version. I just hope it’s going to be fine.

Tsuyoshi is here now and it’s great fun to have him around. He was so eager to be physically present during the rehearsals and certainly felt restless, away in his Parisian office, while we were having all the fun here.
Of course, his contribution is minimal because his set design has been conceived before Jo and I started our work.
His humour and kindness are really welcome!

Sakura are in full bloom. I walk in a pink paradise each time I walk past the temple garden before reaching the theatre.
Tsuyoshi seems to have brought spring and sunshine with him, for the weather has been gorgeous the past three days.

On Sunday, we will have a press conference, followed by an open rehearsal for the fans…
That shall be the first time the four of us (Jo, Tsuyoshi Mihara-san and I) are together.
I will merely have to sit still and look pretty and exotic next to them, seeing that I’m the only non-Japanese around, ha ha!

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