Sunday 11 September 2011

Before I go

I'm all set. Two more hours and I will take the bus to the airport. The music for Johan is finished now. I woke up early this morning to work on it and everything came out clearly and simply. 
It's not a master piece but I think it will fulfill its purpose. The casting will take place this afternoon., the shooting in four days. I wonder what they'll do visually this time... If need be, I can always hone the music once I'm in Paris.

For my last evening in Taipei, ChingYao had asked me to join him at La Boca, a trendy bar in the Eastern part of the city. James and Jin were there as well. Jin was accompanied by a friend of his, a charming young drama student turned model named Charles. I couldn't really enjoy the evening. I had just started to settle some base for Enter the Void, but wasn't at all satisfied, so ideas were passing through my mind like dark clouds in the sky, changing shape every few seconds. ChingYao and James were in a merry mood. Charles was very flirtatious.
And I thought that at the same time the next day, I'll be on the place to Paris...

Andy stayed at my place for the night. He was going to have a lesson with a new flute teacher. He also wanted to see me one last time before I left. Throughout the summer, Andy had opened up, no longer afraid to tell me things. Should I call it trust? We had managed to move out of this two year long no-man's land. 
He has finally decided to spend his last year of study in Geneva. He's going to be 30 next year, and he's aware he's got to mature into an adult musician. Being a student can no longer be an option.
We all have to move and take decision. I salute those who aren't afraid to take the dive.

I was at the airport.
Johan called me to wish me a good trip, but chiefly to tell me about the music he had just rceived. He liked it but it was too long. The duration of the film will not exceed two minutes, therefore I would have to cut off one minute.
One minute? That meant one third of what I had done. I didn't mind, but I knew this would mean changing the structure and adding elements. Then I picture myself in Paris, at my parents' place, jetlagged and working on the music whilst fighting a strong urge to collapse in bed...

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