Saturday, 10 September 2011


North, South, East, West. I ran everywhere in the city today, mostly to find the gift for family and friends. In the meantime, I was wondering what music I would be writing for Johan. He had asked me to do a three minute track for a new video which will show his upcoming collection.
I'm leaving tomorrow and my head is still full of all the music I and written for Bryan's film.
I also didn't want to pressure my mind. I know the music is like a cat, it always comes out at the right time., but I should not force it.  Beside, Johan tends to always ask me at the last minute...

I went with ChingYao to see ShuYi's new dance project yesterday evening at the Fine Arts Museum. A warm and windy evening.
The new piece was conceived around the space he was given: an inner courtyard and an indoor empty room in the basement, adjacent to the esplanade. The dance itself wasn't very exciting. With ShuYi, it's his charisma that makes whatever he does work. He could just stand still and that would be interesting. That's precisely what he did for the beginning of the piece. Then the young dancers for which the piece was made came in one by one and ShuYi disappeared to let them get center stage.
Then I nearly fell asleep. The music, or shall I say, the soundscape created a lulling atmosphere which was hard to resist. Only the end, which took part in the basement caught my interest again. We had to move to the window panes and watch it from the courtyard. ShuYi had been using the medieval choral music I had given him and suddenly everything came to life for me. Soundscape as background for dance is an exhausted concept for me. 
But I was so glad to see ShuYi again, after all these months.  

Now I seriously have to think about this music for Johan...

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