Sunday, 31 July 2011

Family reunion

I finally managed to talk to my brother and Mathilde. We had been exchanging lots of emails because of our uncle. But talking to each other, we haven't been for a few months.
Mathilde showed me their baby on the webcam.
"Did you know why we called him Vu An" she asked me.
I had had a little guess at it when a friend of my brother's posted a comment on Facebook about the baby's name, Victor, to which he replied that Victor also had a Vietnamese name which means something like "Little rain announcing peace". Peace? An? 安? That was my name! And the thought occured to me that they may have done it on purpose, so that I could be close to the child, even when far away. 
I was right! I knew why. I felt moved.

I'm going to Paris in September.

My mother called my brother and he had the idea of using the speaker so she could join our internet conversation. She was so thrilled by this unexpected - though unusual vocal reunion!
I dearly miss them.

My parents have sold our house in Bretagne. They will be able to offer me the ticket!

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