Saturday, 30 July 2011

Gaité poodles

Farewell party.
Loïc and Lisa going back to Paris soon.
Pizza eating.
Friends I didn't know for the most except Jay who organised the whole evening.
Oh, and this friend of Nicolas B, a scholar and highly respected historian / university teacher, who gave me one of those extraordinary diva moments: we were seated at the same table. He greeted me with a big smile, "Oh hello An!" then immediately turned away with a haughty expression before I could even greet him back. Of course he totally ignored me during the whole dinner.
I can't say I was heartbroken because I never really liked the man. One may be extremely brilliant and not be that likeable.
He was staying with me in Taipei at Jason and Nicolas' last year for a couple of weeks. Some people are tell straightforwardly what they think and wish for, while others use more meandering and twisted ways to make you feel what they want. If on the first day, I found him charming - maybe helped by Nicolas' presence and good-naturedness, I was in no case impressed by his encyclopedian knowledge - as I'm not at all impressed by extremely wealthy, extremely beautiful or extremely talented people. I usually wait to see who the person is. He likes Asian guys and rice queens simply make me run away. His powerlessness over me must have disconcerted him and he soon started to grow a dislike of me. I stayed away and did my own things without being too much in touch with him, even if we stayed under the same roof.

The farewell party was pleasant, nothing to remember for life, though. One table of French friends and colleagues of Loïc's. Another table of Asian friends and colleagues, and a third and last table of Lisa's gay and Asian friends. No need to tell at which table I was stitting. Lisa is absolutely charming and witty. Such a shame she's going away when I'm only starting to know her.

Birds of a feather flock together. Social life can be draining.

Bienvenue à Taipei! Au revoir Paris.

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