Thursday 25 June 2009

Life goes on and sometime ceases to be

Went to have breakfast with Tuân Anh, the director of Làng Tôi. My choreographer friend Loc could not come to Paris for the silly reason that they secured a French visa for all the members of the company but him. He must be quite frustrated.
We shared breakfast with the musical director, a jovial half French-half Vietnamese bearded man who didn’t look at all like an Asian person until he starts talking.
I learned about the origins of the show. I was surprised that the creative team was composed of Vietnamese living abroad. Their idea with this show is to gather Vietnamese artists that are running wild on their own and channel them in creative projects to take place in Vietnam.
This gives me faith in the birth of a genuine cultural life in my country. I’m looking forward to it and will be glad to participate.


Big rain storm today. The trees and the plants needed it.
I took my parents to the Quai Branly to see Làng Tôi. I feared that my mother would find an excuse not to get out of her house, but was greatly surprised when she immediately accepted – to my father’s relief. Since I had an extra invitation, I asked Ulysses to come as well. All of them loved what they saw. I would sometime glance at my parents during the show and would see a smile on their face, much to my delight.


Michael Jackson is dead… It was two in the morning when I learned the news. Hard rain, lightnings and thunders outside. The news sounded like a spam. But it wasn't. They were very serious. I had to read the headline many times before I could register the actuality of it. He may not have wanted to grow old, but we all cease to be young today. A whole era is gone with him. I shall always remember this adorable young boy who sang Ben.

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