Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Ulysses and Tobias dragged me out of my lethargy to attend a singing class at the Music Conservatory. A French-American teacher, wonderful Malcolm Walker, who had me hung on his lips for hours. 
The Juilliard School of Dance was performing tonight so we got tickets. The program included works by Twyla Tharp, Mark Morris, Lar Lubovitch and Ohad Naharin, the first and the last ones being my favourite. I’m very grateful to Tobias that he insisted that I came. I wasn’t in the mood to watch dance – nor was I to attend the singing class. My resistance yielded very quickly and I’m glad it did. This was a gift of a million gallons of pure positive energy.
We went back to Ulysses’ place, had a great meal and sang three-part songs together with Tobias. I feel blessed to have such friends.

The past week had been spent in partying, clubbing, going out with friends, going to the cinema and to concerts. I wanted to stay away from music. A welcome release even if the thought of Andy doesn’t leave my mind a single moment. 

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