Sunday, 14 June 2009

Falling free

I’m keeping an eye open on young visual artists. I will need something fresh and exciting for my album cover. Some images start to form in my head. I carry my camera everywhere with me. However, the pictures I take bear little connection with the visual style I want to have for my album.
I have walking a lot on the streets. I rediscover Paris in a different way, to try to pay attention to details I would not have noticed before, to look up when everybody looks down or straight ahead…
I find that I am irresistibly attracted to the sky and the clouds. Paris at dusk is a wonderful spectacle!
A friend from Korea was marvelling at this unknown side of the city he never suspected existed: a quiet and peaceful Paris.

I will have to write this piece for two violins this week. The deadline is getting near: everything shall be sent by the first of July!
My current idea is to structure the piece like a baroque overture à l’italienne and give it a modern eastern European treatment…  I’ve sketched a few musical motives already. Maybe I shall study some violin scores, like the Paganini’s Caprices, so not to make technical aberrations!


Had this delightful dream where I was passing a group of people in an unknown exotic city. There was this beautiful young Indian girl. Music was playing and she called me to her and asked me to dance with her. I may not have known her but I felt like there was no secret between us. I followed her movements then she followed mine. I took her in my arms and we kept on dancing whilst people around us went on with their daily chores.

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