Thursday, 18 June 2009

Làng tôi

The highlight of the month was this contemporary circus-theatre show from Vietnam, Làng Tôi (My Village) that was premiered at the Musée du Quai Branly. I didn’t think much about it when I first heard about it, to tell the truth. Prejudices, prejudices! 
The choreographer of the show had seen a performance of NINA – materialize sacrifice in Tokyo and wrote to me after he finally spotted me on Facebook. He was sensitive to the fact that the music had been written by a Vietnamese composer. After a few exchanges, it was clear that we had a lot in common. He was about to come to France to supervise the premiere of Làng tôi and wanted to invite me. I asked Julia to join me, without really knowing what to expect. Both of us were spellbound and speechless throughout the whole show, like children marvelling at a magic trick. It was much more than a circus show. The skills of the performers were never the centre of focus, but very subtly integrated in a very poetic narrative depicting one day in a Vietnamese village. The music came from the different parts of the country. It wasn’t a particular village, more an idealization of different parts of the country. The stage design was sumptuous yet very simple: everything was based on bamboo poles. Different structures were being built, transformed during the show just with these bamboo poles. I was amazed, proud and happy. At last something beautiful and of quality was being created from Vietnam. I hope more projects like this one will come in the future.
The audience was enthusiastic. A well deserved success!
I was introduced to Tuân Le, the stage director after the show, a young man whose modesty hid an enormous talent. He’s been apparently hired by Le Cirque du Soleil to perform with them during two full years in the USA. We’ll meet again in the coming days. Premieres are never the best time to talk.
I will compel my parents to see Làng Tôi. They must see it! Everyone must!

Speaking of contemporary circus, I have received a mail from a woman who is interested in me for a big project in Vietnam. A dancer friend of mine who lives in Saigon is working with her and apparently sang praises of my work to her. What I do seems to fit what she has in mind.
Strange that it all comes at the same time. I had been saying my mantras for the past weeks, trying to chase away all negative thoughts – a tough one, considering my present situation. I wasn’t asking for anything, just visualizing good projects coming my way, travels and a better financial state. I am now fully aware of the power of thoughts and words. Therefore it is important to get away of all routine of thoughts, all habits and mechanism that I have gathered through the years. The challenge is prodigious; it’s like learning to speak again. I feel like a sorcerer’s apprentice. And more than once I showed to myself how powerful every single thought is for it materializes when we voice it out.
I will meet this woman in a couple of weeks when she comes to Paris. Whatever happens doesn’t matter, the fact that the possibility happens is already incredible and exciting!

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