Tuesday, 13 November 2007


My part of work for the book is nearly finished. I have to prepare all the files for Colin before I leave. The schedule is tight for him because he’s going to Venice for the Biennale in a couple of days.
But I’m still confident that everything will be fine now.
I hope the book will be ready for the Chinese New Year.

The interview with my father went very well. Damien and Mathieu came with me to my parents’ place and we did the interview in the veranda. Everybody was pleased and we enjoyed a very nice moment together. I made my father freak out a little bit when I pointed out that most of what he said was rather negative if not pessimistic toward the Vietnamese music education and the state of culture in the country. We had a good laugh about it and Damien promised to find a positive turn to what he said.
Mathieu made great photos.
And I was munching cookies on the side!

Photo by Mathieu Thoisy

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