Saturday, 3 November 2007

Hong Kong in the near distance

Hong-Kong in 16 days! I found it hard to fall asleep last night as the actuality of the trip was intensifying by the moment in my mind.
I’m happy to have found a place to stay in Hong–Kong. A friend of Errol’s with whom I have been exchanging long e-mails has kindly offered his home as a haven for me. He’s a lover of the arts – I would even say patron of the arts - he owns a gallery and seems to be of the most generous type. Our exchanges have been rich and deep, always inspiring. I was very surprised that someone who has never met me accepted to host me for so long a time. But as he put it, and I totally agree with him, we do not need to have met someone to recognize a friend. I was very touched – and also relieved.
The house is located on the southern part of the island, where pollution is less strong, with a view on the sea. What else could I ask for? Well, actually a lot, because he told me a Steinway grand was waiting to be played. So I will be able to keep on my daily practice and work on this Mozart Piano Concerto!
Simon told me that he didn’t feel I would be coming to Taiwan, and I must say that his intuition is right. I would love to go there, but I do not feel this potential trip to become real either. Whatever happens, I will not plan anything for now. Going to Hong-Kong is already a big adventure for me.


I played the first two movements I have composed to Amelle. I had little doubt she would not like the music. Nothing very experimental this time, since it is her first big solo, the important thing was to make it accessible to the audience.
I just finished a third movement – which actually become the second, and shall start working on the last one today. They’re quite short pieces. No more than five minutes each.
The title is Reminiscence. 

I guess that shall be my last work for dance in some time. I don’t think I will work with Jo this coming year. I heard facts from Tsuyoshi that left me in a worrying state.
He’s letting opportunities to grow and open up slip away from his finger: the Brazil City Ballet offer, now this collaboration with Yoko, a fellow dancer from the Forsythe Company they have invited to choreograph for Noism. Three days before the performance, Jo indicated that he didn’t wish to dance with her, nor be directed by her.
He also cancelled highly anticipated performances with her at the Bunkamura Theatre in Tokyo that were to take place in December. What on earth he is doing??? Tsuyoshi and I are deeply concerned. But what can we say?
Jo will throw a big party in Tokyo to celebrate his wedding at the end of the month, so Tsuyoshi will try to find a time to have a talk with him. I really hope it’s just a phase and that he will chose the right decision for his life and future.
As a friend, I cannot and will not let that happen, although I know that no one but himself can decide. Nobuko has asked me to write a piece of music for the wedding. I was thinking of using the first movement of Reminiscence, but its mood is much to melancholic and I don’t want to spoil the party and cast a dark shadow! You just get the wrong person if you want happy-go-lucky music from me…


One more musical afternoon with Julia before I leave. She has read the e-mail I send to all my friends to tell them about my forthcoming move. She didn’t mention it, but I knew she was sad, even if she wishes for the best. What a lady, what a friend!
She sang the Pie Jesu from Fauré’s Requiem, and her voice has never sounded so vibrant and rich. It’s amazing how people who know each other well, can feel what is going without any word being said. I was also deeply moved by her singing, and we went on in this enchantment of making music.
I really love the lady!

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