Monday, 12 November 2007

Editing the book

I have spent the past 14 hours working on this book. Numbering, selecting, resizing, organizing, pasting, copying, cutting, writing, blowing, counting, re-numbering…
80 pages. The big task was to get started with all these drawings, paintings and sketches. What was I thinking when I believed it would only take a couple of hours to complete the task. No. Even if I had being visualizing it in my head, the book only started to take shape when I got my hand deep in the mud. As a thread, I used a poem by Goethe that my uncle likes to recite whenever he sees us. That was the starting point. It took hours to prepare each page before deciding the order. Now I’m knackered. I can’t even count to ten!
But my part is done,  it’s Colin’s turn to work.

Tomorrow, I will have to go to the Vietnamese embassy for the visa, then make this interview of my father with Damien for this life style/fashion magazine from Hanoi: EastWest...

And I guess the rest of the week will be about relaxing, seeing friends and making music. (that’s what I like to believe…)

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