Sunday 15 July 2012


I didn't suspect anything. Jay came to Taipei to spend a few days with me. I was glad about his presence. I wanted to do a little get together with some friends to present them the video of Nothing comes to Light on my birthday, the same way I had the premiere of Les Contes d'Hoffmann right on the day I turned forty. But Zed had not finished working on the post-production. So I decided to keep it quiet and enjoy the day as any other day. Jay said he wanted to have lunch with me, then tea at home. I told him that I suddenly craved a juicy hamburger for a change. 
"Why don't we eat in the neighborhood?" he asked. 
"Nah... I'm tired of that. Always the same taste, the same food. I really feel like eating a big hamburger. I know one in the Zhongshan area. It's called An Burger!"
We went there and had a very good meal. I had not been sleeping well the past nights, but the spirit was high and joyous.
"Oh I want to go to Ikea as well. I need to buy a metal shelf for the dining room area." I said as we were munching on our burgers. 
"Oh... Ok" and excused himself to the lavatory. 
My plan to go to Ikea was abandonned when a friend Hsing-Ying called and asked whether she could come for tea. She had also come from Kaohsiung for the week end. Needed to see her family and her sister in particular, Jay told me.
We came back home. We had stopped at the supermarket to get some juice and strangely all the guava juice that Jay likes so much had gone. 
HsingYing was waiting on the street. I was so happy to see her; I had known her through Simon, when I was still living in Paris, and even filmed one of my concert at the Café de la Danse. We only became closer friends more recently, thanks to Jay.
When I opened the door, I felt a gush of fresh air, which struck me as odd. Why... Who...? But I didn't have time to think any further for a thunder of voices gleefully shouted "Happy Birthday!!!!".
I saw happy faces, beloved and dear faces, friendly faces. I was happy yes. It was my first surprise birthday bash. 
"Just imagine how panicked I was when you told me you wanted to go to Ikea" Jay said. What I had not told him was that I also planned to go to the flower market later on...

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  1. Heheheee, i laughed at what Jay said at last. Happy Belated Birthday Aaken, keep on going with your exciting life, i am following, always.