Friday, 27 July 2012

Letter from 'awe-struck Goddess' Kristina

Dear Emperor An,

WOW!!!!! I have no word. As always, you take me on a journey through life, death, creation, love beauty, the desert, the forest; the depths of deepest darkness, the most exquisite light and beyond all of that.
The piece is extraordinary. You have always been beyond brilliant and now to hear all the experience you had originally as what the Balinese call'Taksu' (god-given, plural gods in their case, of course! And in my case too as I know there are many) what you have explored and gained and spiralled into and around since I have seen you, is magnificent. I am truly amazed. I really laugh and cry when listening to the piece. I had tears in my eyes after the tribal percussive sequence and orchestral explosions, going into the powerful strings which weep, really. Then I laughed with the wonderful delight of your playful sense of times and rhythms and because I know you, and I understand it all... and I'm STILL AWESTRUCK!!!
THANK YOU!!!!! I should be so fortunate to live up to that with my choreography. I have a beautiful amount of work to do. The middle section is done and fits PERFECTLY... It is even the exact perfect length of time... This 3:40 minute section starting at around 7 minutes is exactly the piece I have just choreographed.
It will be performed this week end to another music until it becomes a part of the gorgeous gift you just sent me.
The finale is yet to be heard and I know that every time I listen, I will hear something new.

Dear Dear Emperor, THANK YOU



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