Saturday 29 October 2011

Fire in your eyes

They were playing in a little bar near Gare du Nord. Thuy Nhan and Jan. I had seen them perform a few times, each concert being better than the previous one. 
Thuy Nhan will release an E.P. next month and this concert was a way to introduce the new songs. I have many friends who are singers or musicians, but Jan and Thuy Nhan are ones of the few whose music I truly like.
The opening act was a young indie rock band called Hope Dust. A joyful gang of five in their late teens with great songs and an infectious energy. They're only at an early stage of their career, but I'm impatient to hear more. 

Thuy Nhan was sick, maybe, but her performance was flawless. She and Jan make an unlikely but effective duo. I realise I need to see more concerts. See, hear, exchange more.

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