Thursday, 9 April 2009

Red is not a safe colour

Voilà c’est fini! Ten songs, mixed and finalized today. Karen left with a copy of her album, Red is Not a Safe Colour. She is quite nervous now, because it’s time to get real about her music. A record label, a distributor, a manager, a website… Just thinking of it makes her dizzy. I’m sure she’ll find the right person. Before she does find the right person, she will probably meet a few of these honeyed-tongued wolves with empty promises and no real plans. For the time being, she has to let the baby sleep before listening to it again and do the mastering.
I still have to go to Jon’s tomorrow to work on that one last song, Down By Love and record new parts for it. I’ll do my best to finish it. It’s strange because on our last day of our previous recording sessions last December, Down By Love was also the song we could not complete. Something is resisting. I have a new arrangement in my head that will use elements of the current version. I hope the result will be satisfactory. If not, it will be just of the pleasure of seeing Jon again and his dog, an adorable border collier dog called Willy! If there’s something I will miss, it’s Willy jumping and hopping around me every morning when I come. It’s when Willy comes and sits by us during the recording sessions, when he runs down to the basement where we work to greet us each time he come back from a couple of days off in the countryside, Willy who shows me all his tricks to get a little treat, Willy who mistakes cars for sheep and barks at them in a frustrated attempt to herd them.

I want to come back to Chicago by the end of June to record my own album. I told Jon who says he’ll make sure to have time for me. I will have to make an estimate of the total cost and find a way to get sponsored. How is a question that will find its answer, even if I’m not the one who knows it!


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