Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Back to Paris

5:40 in the morning. I didn’t expect to be able to sleep any longer than that. I heard the blackbird singing in the distance. That’s something I have missed living in this part of Paris. The birds’ songs are covered by the traffic noise.

A matter of chance? I finally talked to Micky, the sound engineer who worked on Auntie in Taipei. I had not heard from him since the day I left, and despite a few e-mails I sent, I never received any reply.
The time was right – ripe, then. But it was yesterday. I mentioned NINA being performed at the National Theatre, to which he responded with cries of enthusiasm. Then I just simply asked whether he’d be willing to publish the music on CD through his company. The simple question got a simple answer: yes!
I had written to Jo a week ago, telling him that I wished to revise some details in the score but most of all do the mixing again. Some sections sounded extremely heavy and messy to me. Nothing happens for no reason, obviously!

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