Tuesday, 15 January 2008

A farewell

I had a last look at the Hong Kong skyline from the ferry. I know I’d be there again soon. Goodbye Lamma Island!
I usually go to the airport by myself, maybe for fear to get too emotional. Ahhh, all these farewell scenes at train stations or airport terminals…
However, this time my departure has turned into a joyful moment thanks to the company of Patrick, who thought that even one hour seeing a friend is worth the effort. I met him by chance one late afternoon during my early days in Hong Kong, as I was still struggling to find a bus to the city. He was that smiling man standing nearby and kindly fed me with the information I needed. Even if I didn’t know him as a person, there was something I recognize, as if we were old friends meeting in this life. One of those persons who can be described as sunny in a spiritual sense. 
He’s a wayfaring traveler, now in Hong Kong, next in Japan, before in Australia.
I guess it’s never fortuitous to make such encounter. We are all signposts to one another. The most important is to keep eyes and senses open.
The few words we exchanged gave me comfort and confidence for the future. I still do not know, but I trust life completely, more than I have ever had.

With Patrick

A wall of ads in Lamma Island

Central Hong Kong from the opposite pier

From the ferry

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