Friday, 11 January 2008

At the concert hall

Edo de Waart. At last! As a farewell gift Fred took me to a concert of the Hong Kong Philharmonic, this time conducted by their real musical director, Edo de Waart - and not his assistant who bored everyone to death at the  previous concert. 
This concert was one of the series where top soloists are invited to play with the orchestra. Sadly I will miss the one with Yundi Li later this month, which I had been looking forward too. 
Tonight’s guest soloist was Jian Wang, the cellist who, as a nine year old prodigy, was discovered by Isaac Stern while he was in China in the late seventies to shoot his film From Mao to Mozart.
He played Dvorak’s Cello Concerto. I was so glad I got to hear the orchestra one more time. It’s amazing what a difference a conductor can make. A true musical dialogue took place this time between the cello and the orchestra. I didn’t know much about Jian Wang, except this baroque album he released a few years ago, and tonight‘s concert revealed a highly musical and sensitive performer, who isn‘t there for his ego, only music. I could sense the little boy who wonders at music still alive in him. A purity of being that few people manage to retain as they grow.

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