Monday, 18 June 2007

Talking to... plants

My first day all to myself. I just lounged at home, watched a couple of classic movies and looked after my plants. They were in a pretty bad state when I came back from Japan. I have put each one into a new and bigger pot and changed the soil. How healthy and green they look now! People like to laugh when I tell them about my connection to my plants, actually, to any living vegetalia. Taking care of them soothes me. It’s extraordinary the exchange that can exist between human and plants. It’s not of an emotional nature, but somehow, I can sense they feel my presence, especially after a long absence.
"Oh yes!!! You’re back! We couldn’t take it anymore…"
Take my mother. She’s got a magic touch when it comes to orchids. I brought to her three orchids that someone no longer wanted. And after a few months, they all started to grow buds and bloom.

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