Monday, 11 June 2007

Hoping and wishing

It took me some time to realize what was happening. I had a strange dream in which French singer Juliette Gréco was claiming she was the grand-daughter of playwright Ibsen, and the grand-grand-daughter of some philosopher.

Anyway, it was the following day that the weight of the news started to dawn on me. I called my parents then Julia. They were all so enthusiastic and happy. “At last!!!”

I will hand Chenva a copy of my album. I don’t know whether it will be suitable for his plans. The idea isn’t to launch me like one of those pop idols! (Am I thinking - hoping too fast?)
However, I think I would like to record some of the tracks with a real string ensemble, and do the mix of some of the songs again. For once, I won’t be thinking about money and have all the time and means for that.
Maybe we will have to shoot new photos for the cover. I’m so elated by the news. I still think of it and can’t believe it’s actually happening.
That will be a good way to start writing the songs for the second album.
My ears are like two antennas that catch every single sound and music I can hear wherever I am.
Chenva really insists on having me come to Bangkok this summer. He wants to take me to some clubs and venues to listen to the local bands.

Speaking of bands, I discovered a new one yesterday: Polysics. I was to meet Jan and Philippe for an open air concert during the Villette Sonique festival.
The first band I saw was that kind of doom-and-gloom-the-Earth-is-dying act called Shit and Shine… Drums and noise, as it was advertised on the program… Five drummers, one guitar and one bassist. No singing, really, just the guitarist occasionally yelling as if he was skinned alive. They only played three songs during their one hour gig. They could have done something interesting with this drum explosion, adding more layers and making the rhythm slowly evolve and change. But no, it was primal screaming and banging all way through. A musical for Jurassic Park, in a way…

The second act was different. Polysics: four excellent energetic Japanese musicians playing something between post-punk, new wave and anime soundtrack, wearing flashy orange tracksuits, jumping and hopping all over the place with very nice hair movements, infectious rhythms, and an uncanny coming timing.
They had the whole audience in their hands within minutes.

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