Thursday 21 June 2007

Fête de la Musique

Fête de la musique today. Musicians of all kinds playing on the street on the first day of summer. The chance for aspiring rock bands to get some notice. This was how I discovered Mouss a couple of years ago. How quick times goes by! Anyway I didn’t feel like loitering on the streets.
Chenva has invited me to come to a cocktail he has organized to celebrate the 15th anniversary of his company. It was to take place in a posh art gallery Avenue Matignon. I hadn’t heard from him since our dinner.
Some people were standing on the street. The gallery was also showcasing the work of some painter whose name I have forgotten and do not wish to remember.
I found it hard to say to myself the works were paintings. They looked more like decorative items for tasteless, show-offy people wanting to display their newly acquired wealth. Giant canvases of tigers and elephants in 3D.
"Oh I love the work, they look soooo real…"
Do people have to say they like it when they don’t? The ‘artist’ was here. The guests were all gathered around the tables and stuffing themselves with as much sandwiches they could grab.
I didn’t waste my time, though. I met Desmond who told me he instantly liked my music when Chenva played it to him. He couldn’t believe I had achieved all that without the help of any manager. And no one has ever approached you at all?
I remember Marlene Dietrich saying in her memoirs that she wished she could see one person receiving an Oscar and not thanking anyone else but himself and his perseverance. I could be that one.
Until now, I can say I owe it to no one but myself; a self-made man, in the true American fashion. This way of mine might drive me straight to a wall of conceit and self righteousness if I am not careful.

Desmond seems enthusiastic about doing something with me and taking me to Hong Kong for a try out. I have nothing to lose and am totally willing to get on board for new adventures!

I left the cocktail party to meet Nicolas. I soon quickly realized how uncomfortable I felt in the midst of all these people. Nicolas was talking but I was in another sphere. I felt numbed and dazed. What was happening? The prospect of going to Hong Kong was an auspicious one. I was happy Chenva introduced me to Desmond.
At last I had met someone who believed in me and didn’t show any sign of tentativeness and doubt. It was summer and the future seemed bright.

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