Saturday, 30 June 2007

Salomé (again?)

It’s the most common thing to say that time goes by so quickly. But even if we tried to see each other and settle appointments, it took more than two years and a half for Maria-Cristina and me to meet again, after our work on Salomé.
I can’t say I know her very well on a personal level, but I know that I trust her. Our talk today revealed again how much we have I common.
She showed me her latest work, a very compelling if disturbing video installation on the memory of war – oh, yes again…
But one thing I’ve always like in Maria-Cristina is her subtle way at handling such heavy topics. She usually likes to create the set design herself. And this time the result was as amazing as what she did for Salomé.
Salomé came back in our discussion. She had enough distance now to tell me what she thought about the experience and the casting errors. Trials and mistakes make you grow indeed. The plan now is to restage Oscar Wilde’s play with an all male cast. Jokanaan (John the Baptist) would become a singing part. I will probably not listen to Richard Strauss’ opera. I’m now trying to imagine how the singing can be introduced in a way that is not too ludicrous.

Maria-Cristina has also asked me to write music for a video installation she’s done and read a play and think what I could do musically about it. I won’t find it hard to come up with the music for the video – I actually have it all ready in my mind. The play is another matter. I want to choose the project carefully and be sure I like the direction and the casting.

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