Saturday 5 May 2007


Five more days and I’ll be sitting on the plane back to Paris. I’m almost happy to come back. For the remaining days, I’ll take it easy and enjoy myself. I’m finally meeting my Japanese online friends. It’s another way to connect and build a friendship. It’s sometime slightly frustrating because I know it will be another few months before I see them again. If ever I do.
My shopping frenzy has died down. My suitcase already weighs two tons, I really have to be careful about that.

My time with Nolico has been very pleasant. We talk a lot and still enjoy eating together.
We are working on two projects. Still have to clarify their foundations before really telling people about them. But I feel we have something good in our hands. Hopefully the first one will see the day this autumn. More music for me to write this summer. And I’m starting to shift my focus to my second album.

I’m in Tokyo now but it’s as if part of myself has flown somewhere. Not to France, maybe to my next destination. The more I travel, the less I find it easy to know where my home truly is. It’s nowhere in particular. I love my flat in Paris, but that flat could find itself anywhere actually, in New York, Tokyo, or London. I wonder if all the people who were born in another country than their parents’ share the same feeling.

I wandered the streets of the Shibuya area tonight. Even if I force myself to buy something, I don’t find anything that appeals to me. I remained hours long in this used cds store, Recofan and eventually put all the cds back to their shelves. Nothing really inspired me… I don’t recognize myself!
I then indulged in a sushi feast in this tiny running sushi restaurant I had discovered the other day. It’s strange and comforting to eat by myself, anonymously among all these people who come and go after a few plates. It’s friendly, the two cooks are kind and humorous. I felt good.

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