Sunday 6 May 2007


Election day in France today. Second round. I guess it will be no surprise when Sarkozy wins. Let’s see if my guess is right.
The man is a terrible power hungry, ruthless and manipulative politician who totally supports George W. Bush. There’s not an inch of him I like. But I have to agree that France needs to be shaken up and wake up from its lethargy and he may be the man.
When people have got used to abide in difficult time, they forget things can also have a brighter side. The mere mention of change brings fear to them. Change? No better keep on with what we know, even if we do not like it. In that case the accumulated tension leads to even more violence. I wonder to what point people will bear this chaos and confusion.


It wasn’t the toughest guess. Nicolas Sarkozy is now France’s new president.
Welcome to Law and Order, that is, according to him.

Cute - Part 2

Nolico and I decided to throw another dinner party and invite a few of the new friends she’s made recently. They were all young boys in their mid twenties.
I asked Nozomi to join as well. He’s a bloke I have hooked up with online and met a few days before. Very nice and smart, successful on every aspect, and handsome on top of that. I enjoyed his company and thought Nolico would like him. And she did.
Among the young pretty things she invited tonight was one boy who was the epitome of cuteness. The singer I saw in Niigata is nothing compared to him. I was wondering where those manga artists drew their inspiration to come up with all these cute and adorable characters, well now I know. He’s the living example of a handsome cute male character that all the girls are so crazy about: big black eyes, tall, elegantly dressed, well mannered, perfect hairdo and very comic strip-like facial expressions. I couldn’t believe my eyes. When he said that he had to work very hard - he’s a graphic designer,  I found it hard to connect this charming creature with someone working in an office until late at night. No this couldn’t be. He certainly must return to the book he was drawn from!
I said he reminded me of Anthony, the little Prince from the Hills from Candy Candy. I thought he was too young to know about that series, but he did know.
The evening was surreal to say the least. Nolico and I surpassed ourselves and offered a dinner to remember.
I’m drooling just thinking about it.

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