Thursday 10 May 2007

Au revoir

Once again, it's coming to an end. No need to describe how I felt today. In a blink, it was over. The show was fantastic. Finally. 
I had started to doubt myself since Shizuoka, but the balance has finally been found between the different elements of the piece.
I had invited Nolico to see it for the second time, this time from the back side, and if I found some slight reluctance in her yesterday, she was totally enthusiastic after tonight’s performance.
It’s time now to go back. My heart is empty. I said farewell to the dancers. And my tears flowed like wine, as Lauren Bacall would sing it.
Jo and Sawako wanted, or expected to have dinner with me for my last day, but I had already settled a gathering with Nolico’s friend at Christon in Shibuya.
But the main reason I declined was that I felt I would slip into something dangerously sentimental.
According to Jo’s words, I am to come back sooner than later. We both now we’re good for one another. Such a precious partnership happens once in a lifetime.

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