Monday, 7 May 2007

Letter to Lara

Tokyo, May 7, 2007

Hello my good lady friend!

So many months have passed since we last exchanged whether vocally or by mail. I’m glad to hear about all your accomplishments, and to see you are finding a good life in Toronto. And you know what? I’m seriously thinking about moving out of France in a year time. I have no idea where to, because that shall be the first time I’m without a base. I suppose the ideal would be to keep a little flat in Paris and travel eastward or westward.
But now it’s time to come to terms with that issue.  It’s one thing to complain and state how much I struggle, or how little I can do there. Now I feel fine with it. It’s just sign indicating that I have to make a move.
This year will surely bring lots of surprise to me, so I’ll welcome them with open arms. My little trip to New York has revealed so much to me, and now Japan is also saying the same thing.

You’ve read my general e-mails, so you know what is going on in terms of work. The premiere has been quite successful, although, as I said it, the audience was a bit lost and confused. We didn’t state anything, nor did we state any question. It was simply a human experience in beauty, if I can be bold enough to say so.

Many people who’ve been following the dance company Noism have agreed that PLAY 2 PLAY is their best work so far. The last one, NINA has been very well received - the Japan Times had picked it as one of the best piece of the year 2005.

I know we’ll be performing one of the two pieces at the Japan Festival, held in Washington DC, and we’ll have the great honour to do it at the Kennedy Center! Speak of career evolution!

So I’ll be missing you in Paris… Damn… I hope you enjoy your time without me! And I know you will. Ava is such a beautiful baby. So many friends have been giving birth to a baby. Vanessa has just had a little girl she named Angelina, another cousin of mine gave birth to twin babies. I suppose my mother is expecting my brother to be on his way to fatherhood as well, which is likely to happen, since he just bought a house with his girlfriend to welcome the birth of a new generation.

So how is your love life? I last heard you met a blond bloke you had known for years. Has it led to anything?
For me, it’s butterfly time again, after a rather tough and monk-like year. I’m learning to have fun again. I can’t even imagine it possible I spent all this time in chastity. But as I told a friend recently, I couldn’t offer myself in a relationship if all I had to give was sorrow and unhappiness. I don’t think the role of the partner is to bear your own burden, even if this self sacrifice is seen as noble. But if noble means uncovering a path to insanity, I just say NOOOO!

Now I’m in Tokyo and I’m enjoying the buying new clothes. It’s time for the emperor’s new outfit! Wish you were here. You’d go mad here. Even now, I’m surprised at the weight of my suitcase. I didn’t think I bought so much. Obviously my suitcase doesn’t share the same impression…

Please send my love to Anne when you see her. I will make sure to see more of her when I’m back. I’m supposed to fly back on May 11th, but a little voice is pushing me to extend my stay, maybe for  a few days. We have our Tokyo performances from the 8th to the 10th, and I think it’d be good to stay a few extra days, just in case I’d have to hook up with anyone… Anyone? The stylist’s PR has organized a little dinner on the premiere evening with the magazine editor of Vogue, Esquire or Pen… She’s so nice and efficient. I think she likes me, so she wants to include me in many of her plans.
Let’s see.

Lots of love to you, my dear friend. I do miss you so much. I will have to find a way to fly to Toronto. I know this year will be filled with trips and travels. Let’s hope Toronto is one of the destinations. I will ask Beppe what his plans are.
But you’re right, New York and Toronto are so not far away………..



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