Sunday, 19 July 2020

Ròm on CD!!!!

Happy news!!! The original soundtrack of Ròm will have its release on CD! Limited release of 300, exclusive to Vietnam, in partnership with LP CLUB, a favourite spot for music lovers in Hà Nội. Quang, the owner came to me a few weeks with the idea to publish the CD. At first, I was reluctant. Nobody buys CD anymore, even less in Vietnam. But Quang insisted that many people were every much interested in the film and were willing to buy the soundtrack. He added that he wanted to support the film and finance its pressing.
After a couple of weeks of hesitation, I decided that we had nothing to lose. There were a couple of things to get done: the booklet, and most importantly, the mastering! There was no fund for a proper mastering. I was advised to try one particular plug-in which I could use on a ten-day trial period. It took me a full day to figure out how to use it, then I just plunged into the water, only trusting my ears. After I sent the mastered files, Quang told me that they sounded fine on his stereo. 
I still couldn't believe it was to happen. Mind you, since my first album Circlesong, none of my work had been properly published, and Circlesong was a self-published affair. Too bad there was no follow up with Milan Music...        
Long nights doing the mastering, long nights working on the booklet, and making sure no name has been left out. 

I can't wait to actually hold the CD in my hands!

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