Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Rừng - into the woods

Into the woods with Kevin for this second short film of mine, Rừng. I was on the verge to cancell it all, our shooting session in the forest, as I didn't have any proper camera, and felt a bit restless with what had been happening in recent time. Kevin sounded slightly disappointed on the phone, although the said he understood. But if not now, then when?
And I always enjoy seeing Kevin - perhaps too much he he. He was glad when I said I would come anyway and that we would just go with the flow.
The light was beautiful, with its game of sunshine and clouds. We forgot we were near Paris...
That time in the forest was just perfect. I will find something to do with what I shot. Kevin was very happy.
That boy is so kind and full of passion, although he himself says he isn't exactly sure passion for what...

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