Friday, 21 February 2020

Vũ An

One day with my nephew Vũ An who's now on winter vacation. I made the gift of these big fluffy bear claws which he wore the whole day. 
We went to eat Hong Kongese roast, we went to see skate-boarders, as he is also learning. We watched a film (Call of the Wild, with Harrisson Ford, based on the Jack London novel. But Disney produced it, everything was toned down... The little boy liked it, c'est ce qui compte.)
We browsed the bookstore, and I got him a cut-out/pop-up one about mythical monsters. And we walked a lot!!!
A very witty and talkative boy. 
"I'm very talkative. I know I'm very talkative. I talk non-stop! I'm the most talkative of my class."

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