Sunday 23 February 2020

China boy and crocodile

Girls talk...
Girl 1: "Mommy, look! There's a Chinese boy who is sitting behind us! (Chinese BOY?? Oh thank you gurls!) .... Chinese people eat crocodile! (looks at me)

The girls talk to each in a low voice and giggle.
Girl: "Why is the Chinese boy sitting behind us?"
(game of peekaboo between the back of the chairs, as I was reading a novel where an old lady who had Alzheimer is accused of murder))
Girl 1 (looks at me): "Aaaah! The Chinese boy looked at me in the eyes!"
Girl 2: "There is a Chinese restaurant in front our home..."
Girl 1 (with a horrified look): "In front of your home???"
Girl 2: "But my friend says that they're eating normal food..."
Girl 1: "They're not eating crocodile? (looks back at me)

My stop. I stood up and took my bag.

Girl 1: "The Chinese boy is standing up!!!! ... Why do all those Chinese people come to OUR country?"

Girl of African heritage saying that... Sweet irony....

Me (to the girl): "You know, I'm not Chinese. I'm Vietnamese. And we don't eat crocodile. People eat crocodile in Australia. You know where Australia is?"
Girl 1: ...

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