Thursday, 9 January 2020

Asa ga kuru - TOEI studio, Day 2

Today Roman and I 'only' worked for 16 hours. Naomi Kawase asked to see the film with all the completed music tomorrow, so for two days, it has been intense rewriting, restructuring, recycling, recording, re-recording, pitching up, pitching down, editing, blending, patching, testing, deleting, cutting, and of course, composing.
I thought the Bruce Lee documentary had already quite an intense task, but this film is beyond all that I could have imagined. 
But thanks to the intense meditation I have been practicing these past days, thanks to sound in-genee-ius Roman Dymny with whom I love to work, his clam and patience, and eagerness to try anything, I managed to come up with something that looks and sounds like a completed score. 
Done in two days - I can't believe it. 
Fortunately, Naomi Kawase's film is beautiful and inspiring, so despite the lack of time, despite also working on the Bruce Lee doc, I composed and recorded most of the music fairly quickly before coming to Tokyo. However, even with the music in hand, I was still walking in a big fog until today, as Naomi kept asking for more or less, but never seemed satisfied with what she has heard. It didn't help though, that I let Roman try out the music on some scenes. I felt so overwhelmed, so I trusted him to do something good. Bad decision. I shouldn't have let him do it alone. He may be a genius sound engineer, but he is not a composer.
Anyway, we are getting somewhere. Our efficiency in the mixing room is truly astonishing. Is it really us?
There's still work to do, but another big Titan has been slayed.

But yes, I still can't believe I managed it. Right after Bruce Lee...

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