Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Asa ga kuru 朝が来る (Comes Morning) - to be continued

I think I may have talked too fast regarding being on holiday. 

I received several emails from Naomi Kawase, telling me that she was starting to warm up to my music and that she was considering using it for her film. So far, she wants to use what I have done for the last reel, including the arrangement I did of a song by J-pop band C&K - they didn't seem to be so delighted that a total stranger re-arranged their song...
It's to her credit that she opened up to something that was totally foreign to her. I still nurture the wild hope that the whole score I wrote will be used. I did share my thoughts with her (that having two composers would like starting building a house with one architect and finishing it with another... not so good for coherence) 
Now I have to complete what I have done and add a few things I felt were still missing...
If I can say something: ALWAYS stay connected to what you believe in, and NEVER let go of your integrity. 

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