Sunday, 22 December 2019

work work work

Asa ga kuru 朝が来る (Comes Morning) 
Cello session this evening at the music zombieland, ie. my home, with my dear long-time partner in crime, Emily.

The music for Naomi Kawase's new film is shaping up. I think I will have completed all the score very soon. Nothing like a great project to end the year and begin the next.


At the rate of one, two, sometime three pieces of music composed each day, I think I deserve a couple of hours off, and a little stroll to Eslite bookstore (Xmas presents and cards to buy, mind you ...)

I don't know if all the music will be completed in two weeks, I can only hold the lantern of hope close to me so that hope may become reality... Send me your good vibes. O, I really need it!
Bonne nuit... Listening to Beethoven and Sibelius.. then bedtime.
Oh yes, and a read few pages of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein in the original text.

Oh, but I'm still in the bus...

Saperlipopette. I feel like a robot.

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