Tuesday 24 December 2019

Asa ga kuru 朝が来る - recording more music...

Christmas Eve.
The recording sessions keep going on during the year end festivities. I was working on the music for the final scene of the film when I suddenly heard a short choral-like piece for 2 female voices in my head. I immediately contacted Irene and 古宸禎, two members of the acapella vocal group with whom I just recently collaborated on one song for the Ray Kang's album. They quickly got the feel and mood of the piece and we recorded their vocals right before they had to dash to YiLan for a performance!

Right before my session with them, I was recording Edric Chang's violin playing. I actually got confused about our meeting time - I remembered it to be late afternoon, as it had usually been so, when I had the good instinct to check on the appointment time and realised, only a few minutes before the door bell rang, that it was at 11 a.m.! I quickly scribbled down the violin parts and Edric played them effortlessly - as he always does.

All the pieces for the film slowly shape up. It's an interesting process. It (fortunately) all came together in a very brief lapse of time.  
Naomi still hasn't heard anything yet. She very sympathetically agreed to leave me be in peace without interfering. She did begin to ask me to do and redo the opening music until I realised that I would be losing my inspiration if I was only trying to please her. She maybe a famous and celebrated director, but I still wanted to enjoy the process. After some time debating what to say to her, I simply wrote and explained how I felt, and how I worked. She replied and said that she totally understood. 

Roman, the wizard mixing engineer who suggested me as a composer for this film, has started to place all the music I have written so far in the film. I haven't yet had the time to watch. Still a lot of music to be done, but I think that most of the musical stuff is there now...
And it saves lots of time and energy to work with intuitive musicians. 

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