Saturday, 28 August 2010


Dennis will be in town! This comes as the most pleasant surprise. I’m so happy about this unexpected visit, especially since I thought it would be months before I’d see him again. He’ll come to Taipei for a few days, then we’ll see each other again in Hong Kong since he’ll have to go there as well.

Our flat hunting has proved fruitless so far. Nicolas says it makes sense in a way, for I have not yet cut all connection with my life in Paris. The lease will be terminated on the 3rd  of September. Even without knowing that detail, Nicolas had predicted I’d find something on the 4th. “But go west,” he said.

Work with Huang-yi has started. I finally saw the four dancers and Chung-Kun, his partner in crime who’s in charge of the digital art installation as well as perfecting that string playing robot. Quite a task it seems to be! Till then I’ll have to come up with a few musical drafts so the dancers Huang-yi knows where I’m going to go. I have written three movements of which one seems to meet his demand. Each project seems to push my boundaries further and further. People go to school or music academies to learn their skill. In my case, I learn it on the spot. The only thing I can follow is my intuition. When on that morning, Régine Chopinot called me and asked me to join her on her next adventure, I said yes without hesitation, although I was totally clueless about I was to achieve it. It’s been like that ever since. In my work, in my life. Now both have merged into one and I find myself here in Taipei not even able to wonder what is going to happen next. The way I approach this project with Huang-yi will reflect the way I build my new life here. Confidence, joyousness and a sense of fun.

Checking music and movement for Symphony Project

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