Tuesday 10 August 2010

Single Asian Male

I didn’t hear from this friend who wanted to share the flat with me in Taipei. I didn’t worry much. I knew something would come up. And it did! I was chatting online with a friend I hadn't been much in touch with, and who complained about his current flatmates and said said he needed to find a new flat because he couldn’t stand living in such an untidy space.
“Let’s share a flat together, then” I said half jokingly. My friend considered the joke seriously and immediately replied that it was actually a good idea. The next second, he was giving me links to ads he had found on the internet. 
First flat: furnished like a hotel, spacious, comfortable, but somehow impersonal interior arrangement. There wasn’t much we could do with it. 
Second flat: looked like a cell from a mental institution or a prison. No light, white walls and a dodgy feeling about it. 
Third flat: looks like a doll’s house, on the ground floor, not really ideal in case of flood. 
Fourth flat: comfortable, even had a massage bathtub, but too small. 
The fifth was the one. It had three bedrooms and a living room - I wanted an extra room for visiting friends. The rent was so cheap and it wasn’t too far from the city. The only thing is that it’s not in Taipei City but Taipei County. I’d be a suburbian!!!  But if I compare the price here with the ones in Paris, I can’t help but laugh. Since we‘re going to share the rent, the amount I’ll have to pay each month will be one fourth of what I paid for my little Parisian studio!!!

We shall visit the flat this coming Thursday. 
Next step will be to get the working visa. Huang-yi shall send me the details of what document to produce. CloudGate should be able to help. 
I hope!

Grafiti - Belleville, Paris

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