Saturday 10 May 2008

Why do innocent people have to leave?

Auntie’s opening number will be a blending of oriental music, hip hop, cabaret and tango. She should be one of those creatures that can only exist on stage. I have only done the rhythmic skeleton of the song. The rest will be provided by the guitar, strings and the bandoneon. Yu-Gou will start writing the lyrics on Monday. I hope he’ll like what I’ve penned so far.
Nicolas was the only of my friends who met my uncle so I told him about his passing away. He may have seen him only once, but he was profoundly moved by the news. ‘Why do innocent people have to leave?’ he said. My uncle went away very peacefully. He knew his days were numbered. He had started giving away his treasured belongings, claiming that he’d rather know that the right people have them, than potential heirs. I received a painting and a beautiful series of book about the history of art written by Elie Faure that he bound them himself at the time he was working in a publishing company. I don’t know what will happen with what’s left - which means, a lot…
His brother who knows nought about his work will certainly claim a few of his paintings. Even if he still wanted to stay, he was aware that the time was now. He had remained so long in this silence - most of his work speaks about silence and certainly suffered a bit to be so isolated. What matters is that the last months did change that and I’m happy to know that I contributed to his happiness, and did whatever I could. Nicolas told me that by leaving us, he taught us that difficulties can be vanquished through an apparent passiveness, when actually the strength is to let things happen by themselves. I believe that’s what connected my father and I to him. In the end, it’s an illusion to think that we humans are in control of our life, because there are higher powers at work.
Kylie Minogue has been knighted by the French government! The pop princess is now a 'Knight of the Arts' and now can join the rank of Silvester Stallone and Sharon Stone in this unlikely Camelot.
I don’t know who else has received this distinction. Now all she needs to wait for is to become Dame Kylie Minogue in England… The speech that the Minister of Culture delivered in her honour was, to put it mildly, quite entertaining. As a witty friend insinuated, maybe the minister has some very gay advisers working with her … But perish the thought of ever thinking ill of the pop princess.

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