Sunday, 11 May 2008

That's entertainment!

More changes as far as Auntie is concerned. Tony Wu, the actor who was supposed to play the mother has decided that he’d rather play the father after all. The reasons he invoked were sensible: being a comedian, he was afraid he would not be able to bring much dimension to the part of the part of the mother and turn the whole play into a gay camp show in drag. This turn of events is causing some sort of commotion, for now Fay, the girl who was originally cast as Auntie, the father, doesn’t think she’s right for Mother, since she cannot handle the Taiwanese dialect with much confidence. On top of that the second series of performances in autumn have been postponed, so they will not fit into her schedule anymore. Another girl has been cast who is perfect for the role, except that she’s tone deaf… And curiously, that didn’t seem to bother Yen and Yu-Gou until I pointed out that Auntie is a musical, and that Mother is a central character with many songs to sing… Sometime, I really wonder whether these boys know what they’re doing… I advised them to keep Fay, make the necessary changes I the text so she can say her dialogues, and see later what to do with the replacement actress.
Album launch party for Madonna’s twelfth album Hard Candy at the club yesterday. Victor was once again the host DJ. Not much of her music was recognizable in the dance remixes they played. Her songs were all flattened by this deafening four-on the-floor beat that bovine remixers automatically apply when they have no idea what a chord progression is. Her voice - or what remained of it, seemed like the last resistance before the song would become a musical black hole. What pained me was the crowd. I find the clubbing scene to be a less and less appealing one. I love to dance, but I like to be aware of what is going on, and not get on a high - unless it’s a natural high. The guys were - once again, taking loads of these little magic pills and if I found it slightly amusing to watch them last week, I was this time more in a state of distraught at the sight of them, all muscles out, and curiously all shaking each others like stuffed animals, head swinging from left to right - it could be used with great effect in a contemporary dance piece…! The dance floor is the place to release yourself and have fun and forget about all worries. But there’s something definitely wrong when drugs are used. All I saw were closed up people. I felt so sorry for them. There was no real sense of fun and the banging beats made it all too fuzzy.

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