Tuesday 9 October 2007

Then and now

It’s been confirmed; the installment for the purchase of the piano has been accepted! It will be delivered on Thursday morning. That means a thorough clean up and new arrangement of my (little) flat.

I’ve been to my uncle’s again yesterday to introduce Nicolas to him. We don’t know whether Nicolas’ gift will be of any help, but any help is welcome.
My uncle looked so happy to have people come and visit him. I made it clear that they would have to get rid of many of their unused and unnecessary belongings that they have accumulated through the years. Changes happen everywhere for so many of us! My uncle more than welcomed the offer. He complained that this habit of his wife’s to keep anything turned their home into a squirrel’s granary. Having guests has then become an embarrassing experience for him.
I’ll start next Wednesday. I must confess that I dread that day!
The book is progressing. Philippe has done all the photographs of the paintings and the sketches. A decision has to be taken regarding the introduction text. A common friend of my parents’ and my uncle’s wrote a very nice review back in 1978. It presented my uncle’s work with refreshing enthusiasm. A second text was penned by him, nearly thirty years later.
Not the same man anymore he is, of course. His views have changed, though not his admiration he keeps professing for my uncle. But the simple and refreshing breeze has vanished and what remain are words trying too hard to convince. My parents didn’t like this text either.
I have made my opinion clear to everyone, but it’s not up to me to decide.

I have updated my last.fm page and added my stage works. The two Jo Kanamori ballets and Nina’s hidden Glass. Now I have to go tell on the mountain. At least now there’s a place where people can listen to my work.
I spent hours long designing the new covers for the stage works.

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