Thursday, 25 October 2007

Japanese time in Paris

Tsuyoshi has found the right way to describe the artwork of the PLAY 2 PLAY DVD: it looks like the poster of an amateur magician show. Only a hand holding a rabbit and a top hat are missing. Funny that Tsuyoshi, Mihara and I all ended frustrated by this experience.
We had a wonderful evening tonight with Mihara-san, who was on a short visit in Paris for business meetings. He brought the jacket that I had ordered from him before leaving Japan in May. I can’t wait to see his new collection!
We were in a Japanese restaurant next to the Café de Flore that specializes in soba noodles. Quite a feast we had! I met his wife, a contemporary/jazz/fusion pianist as she puts it. A lovely young woman full of charm and wit.
It didn’t feel like we were in Paris. Maybe London or New York. Mihara-san will open a new shop in Hong Kong exactly when I’m there.
His PR Noé-san has been asked to organize Jo’s upcoming wedding party in Tokyo. I don’t think I will go. I was asked to write music. But I don’t know what use they want to make of it. Play it during the party, make a CD of it…
I learned alarming facts about him from Tsuyoshi. I would like to hop on the next plane and take time to talk to him. Maybe I will do that in December if the occasion arises.
It seems he’s freaked out after creating PLAY 2 PLAY. This last piece was certainly too much for him to handle as it openly showed his current inner situation. A marriage was maybe a good way to divert his attention and a rising distress. But all the signs are here to point out that a change is – or was necessary. As much as I would love to help, I know there’s nothing I can do. Only he can make the decision. Tsuyoshi will try to grasp the good moment to talk with him. I tried to call him, wanted to write to him, but never felt that was the right thing…
Isn’t it our duty as friends to shake the tree even if it’s painful? Nicolas did it for me. It was far from pleasant, but the outcome was positive.

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