Thursday 4 October 2007

My piano!!!

The overture I wrote last year for the concert opening will also be the opening of the second album Pandaemonium. It contains some elements from the previous album and will be a bridge between old and new. I introduced a choral part at the end that will be the core of a long, epic song that I will sing with a choir and possibly an orchestra. More like a modern time cantata than a song.  This album will be more than just a string of songs; the soundtrack of an imaginary novel.


I just signed for the piano! If all goes well, the instrument will be delivered in exactly one week. I know where it’s going to be placed, in spite of an obvious lack of room in this studio flat of mine. My fingers are itching, just thinking about it. I feel I’m entering my new life! The rental rate will have me paying for it for ten years, but I will try to accelerate the process as soon as I get better financially. Ten years for a piano… That’s a joke! I may be dead even I finish paying for it!

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